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8th April 2018.

Round 1 of the Compass Trophy 2018 

Dan McMahon 57
Karl Guest 55
Sam Hemmings 55
Tony Male 54
Stuart James 54
Dave Hunter 53
Bill Birch 53
Mick Boswell 50
Lewis Collins 50
Ash Bailey 49
Stew Searle 49
Mick Hinett 49
Kev Brooks 49
Kev Clarke 47
Adrian Tye 46
Dave Hemmings 46
Simon Francis 45
Des Finkenzeller 44
Steve Handley 40

Dan Gordon 50
Perry Broad 47
Andrew Timmins 46
Stuart Hill 42
Ken Pothecary 36

Laura McLennan 50
Kelly Searle 47

Rob Walker 38

Round 6 of the Compass 2017 series. 28-12-17

One of the most enjoyable club events I can ever remember on Berrow Hill saw unbroken sunshine and very light wind on a crisp winter’s day.

The day started with chef Mick Boswells free barbeque and tea/coffee, which went down a treat, just the job to fuel hungry competitors and, after the safety speech from Perry Broad, the shoot got underway.

Top score of the day was a superb 57 by Dan McMahan, followed by Bill Birch and Kev Brooks on 55, while Stew Powell topped the recoil class with 50, and Ethan Pantlng lead the junior class with 52.

Positions on count back.

Dan McMahan 57
Kev Brooks 55
Bill Birch 55
Stuart James 54
Simon Francis 54
Ryan Ashman 53
Dave Freeman 52
Chris Pantling 52
Sam Hemmings 52
Jacob Pantling 51
Michelle Parsons 51
Tony Male 51
Darrin Linn 50
Dave Hemmings 50
Mick Hinnet 50
Simon Minney 49
Kev Pothecary 49
Karl Guest 48
Sarah Pantling 48
Matthew Mineu 48
Mick Boswell 48
Kev Clarke 48
Rob Lamberton 47
Ash Bailey 46
Kelly Searle 45
M Shirley 45
Nick Murphy 45
Matt Upton 44
Des Finkenzeiler 44
Nick Parker 44
Andy Wheeldon 42
John Holder 40
Steve Handley 38
Lee Malpass 37
Gareth 29
Becky 16

Stew Powell 50
Stu Hill 48
Ian Treadwell 48
Perry Broad 47
Andrew Timmins 45
Stew Searle 45

Ethan Panting 51
Ewan Pantling 51
Megan Reed 43
Rob Walker 38
Myla Parsons 37 (U14)

Round 5 of the Compass 2017 series

The weather forecast was not good, from the course setters perspective, that is, with little or no wind, and the forecast proved right. Nonetheless, the day dawned bright, cold, and turned into a beautiful sunny autumnal day.

In the open class, Tony Male top scored with 56, one point ahead of Stuart James, Mick Boswell and Dan McMahan, while Perry Broad led the recoil class with 53, followed by Stu Hill, Andrew Timmins and Stew Searle on 49.

All positions on count back.


Tony Male 56
Stuart James 55
Mick Boswell 55
Dan McMahan 55
Mick Hinett 53
Paul Sefton 53
Karl Guest 52
Kelly Searle 52
Ian Hunter 51
Simon Francis 50
Nick Parker 50
Dave Freeman 50
Dave Hemmings 50
Dariusz Moszczynski 50
Sam Hemmings 49
Mick Monaghan 49
Laura Mclennan 44
Des Finkenzeller 44
Ash Bailey 44
John Holder 42
Wayne George 39

Perry Broad 53
Stu Hill 49
Andrew Timmins 49
Stew Searle 49
Dan Gordon 44

Mason Ryan 41
Robert Walker 39

Thanks to the course setters and behind the scenes helpers for working through the rain, cold and fog yesterday, and to John for the signing in.

Series placings will be published on the Nomads web site and Facebook page later.

The final round of this year’s Compass will be Thursday 28th December.


Round 1 of the DMHS. and Round 4 of the Compass combined event. Weather was a bit rainy at the start of the day, but we kept dry for the entire shoot. The wind didn’t disappoint and blew from every direction possible on Berrow Hill.

1st – Ryan Ashman 58
2nd – Elliott Reed 57
3rd – Chris Pantling 57
Elliott Compton 56
Dave Hunter 54
Jacob Pantling 53
Andy Dickson 53
James McLachlan 53
Peter Richmond 52
Richard Rushton 52
Theresa Reed 52
Nigel Smith 52
Ian Millward 52
Simon Howarth 52
Andy McLachlan 52
Kev Brooks 51
Mark Thompson 50
Michelle Parsons 50
Sarah Pantling 50
Ian Howarth 50
Nick Parker 50
Dave Smith 49
Lewis Collins 49
Andy Watkins 49
Bill Birch 49
Nick Aldridge 49
Darren Crofts 49
Jason Bressington 49
Kevin Scott 49
Richard Jones 48
Jake Miller 48
James Watkins 48
Stuart James 48
Simon Harrison 48
Matt Taylor 48
Sam Hemmings 47
Dave Wheeler 47
Kathy Thompson 47
Mick Hinett 47
Mark Taylor 46
Dave Freeman 46
Harry Compton 46
Karl Guest 45
Dave Hemmings 45
Steve Thompson 45
Steve Handley 43
Phil Tombs 42
Matt Lee 40
Josh Sprakes 40
Wayne George 38
Laura McLennan 38
Conner Turner 35

1st – Megan Reed 54
2nd – Ewan Pantling 52
3rd – Ethan Pantling 49
Myla Parsons 40
Conor Jones 38
Rob Walker 35

1st – Ken Pothecary 53
2nd – Graham Cole 45
3rd – Tom Morgans 42
Rob Shepperson 39

Recoiling/.22 Combined
1st – Andrew Timmins 52
2nd – Perry Broad 48
3rd – Luke Wells 46
Kev Gaunt 45
Stew Powell 44
Steve Whiting 44
Mick Fern 44
John Ferrier 43
Nick Yates 43
Richard Tinker 42
Dan Gordon 41
Trevor Sorrell 41
Stuart Hill 40
Bob Clay 40
Nick Stanhope 40
Keith Daughtrey 37

Nomads HFT hosted the annual AirGun Forum meet recently. This year it was decided by the organiser that all proceeds should go to St Richards Hospice. As such, many cash raising enterprises took place, with a total just short of £900 raised. 
On completion the Nomads committee discussed with the organiser the amount, and agreed to make a donation to round this up to £1000.

Please see below from Mick Boswell, A huge amount of thanks and gratitude has to be extended to Mick for all his efforts to such a worthwhile cause. Hopefully we can help such a worthy cause again in the future.

Today I was invited to visit St Richards Hospice in Worcester, the beneficiary of the funds raised during the AGF summer meet. It is the first time I have ever visited a hospice; it’s a beautiful place and the short tour helped me understand a little about where your generosity went. I imagine a thousand pound is relatively small in the way of overall contributions but they made me feel like we had raised so much more; the staff were truly grateful and surprised at what we have raised. We estimated £400 so getting this much is astounding and it’s thanks to you and the sponsors that today we can say we made a difference to the lives of people we will never know.

Here is a picture of me in the grounds with Fundraiser Alice Brunt who supported us all the way with our efforts.

Nomads Compass Round Three 16-07-17

The wind was light for much of the third round of this year’s compass series, but just enough to cause some problems on a course for which the setters had pulled out all the stops.

Ryan Ashman triumphed with a magnificent 58, four points ahead of Bill Birch, with Stew Hill taking the recoil class ahead of Stew Searle on count back with 46.

Tony Male won the Bonus Bunny and, were there a prize for complaint of the day, it would have gone to Ash Bailey, who complained that some of the targets were 'in the wrong places', and should have been an inch or so left, right, high or low. 

Places on count back.

Ryan Ashman 58
Bill Birch 54
Tony Male 53
Dan Mcmahan 53
Jason Bressington 53
Ian Hunter 51
Stuart James 49
Mick Boswell 48
Graham Cole 47
Nick Parker 47
Ash Bailey 47
D. Finkenzeller 46
Ken Pothecary 46
Kev Clarke 46
Tom Bower 45
Phil Tombs 45
Dave Hemmings 45
Mick Hinett 44
Paul Sefton 43
Dave Freeman 42
Steve Handley 39
Wayne George 38

Stu Hill 46
Stew Searle 46
Andrew Timmins 45
Perry Broad 44
Jon Holder 42
Lewis Collins 40

Robert Walker 36 (U16)
Mason Ryan 35 (U14)

Many thanks to all who attended, and to the course setters.


The forecast rain arrived on time but was light, the wind forecast proved an underestimate, making a tough course extremely challenging for the second round of Nomads Compass Series.
Stu James and Tony Male lead the open class with 55 apiece, with Dan McMahan and Adrian Tye just one point behind, and it was good to see Perry Broad back on form to lead the recoiling class with 51.

All positions on countback

Stuart James 55
Tony Male 55
Dan McMahan 54
Adrian Tye 54
Dave Hunter 53
Mick Boswell 53
Ryan Ashman 52
Dave Freeman 52
Dave Hemmings 52
Paul Sefton 52
Ash Bailey 51
Graham Cole 50
Karl Guest 50
Ian Hunter 49
Kevin Scott 49
Mick Hinett 48
Phil Tombs 45
Richard Igglesden 44
Nick Aldridge 42
Steve Handley 38
Wayne George 36
Mark Upton 21

Perry Broad 51
Andrew Timmins 49
Stew Searle 48
Stew Powell 47
Ranj Singh 46
John Holder 43
Stu Hill 43
Lee Malpass 40

Mason Ryan 37

Thanks to the course setters, to Mick Boswell for his sterling work with the strimmer, and to all the competitors for making this such an enjoyable day.

By request, next Sunday (11th), the same course will be available to shoot.

Nomads results 2nd April

We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day for the second crack at the ‘Daystate’ course, in very light wind, which Berrow Hill nonetheless made the most of.

Tony Male and Kev Brooks top scored on 55, with Tony taking the honours on count back. In the springer class, Perry Broad and Andrew Timmins scored 46, with Perry prevailing on count back.

All scores on count back

Tony Male 55
Kev Brooks 55
Graham Cole 52
Steve Lloyd 52
Elloitt Compton 51
Kev Scott 51
Des Finkenzeller 51
Bill Birch 50
Karl Guest 49
Paul Harvey 49
Matt Lee 49
Dave Hemmings 48
Harry Compton 48
Dave Freeman 46
Phil Tombs 41
Wayne George 38

Perry Broad 46
Andrew Timmins 46
Stew Searle 45
Ranj Singh 45
Lee Malpass 42
Stu Hill 42
John Holder 34
Marc Mears 34

Mick Hinett 51

Great day, thanks to all that came.


An excellent morning’s shooting today at Nomads, and a great turnout. Thanks to all that came and braved the mud. 

Ryan Ashman 53
Matt “Mudplugger’ Lee 53
Elliott Compton 52
Mick Boswell 52
Karl Guest 49
Kev Gaunt 48
Perry Broad (Recoiling) 48
Stu Hill (Recoiling) 47
Ian Stoddart 47
Stew Searle (Recoiling) 46
Harry Compton 46
Steve Lloyd 45
Ralph Ellison 45
Matt Hipkiss 44
Dave Hemings (Recoiling) 41
Paul Sefton (Recoiling) 39
Mason Ryan (Junior) 38
Lee Malpass (Recoiling) 36
John Holder (Recoiling) 36
Mark Upton (Recoiling) 27
K George (.22”) 27


The day dawned cold but dry, with light wind that was still enough to cause problems on some lanes.

We used the course layout from the Boxing Day shoot, but with every target either moved or changed by Stu Hill and Perry Broad. The lads obviously did a cracking job, judging by the scores today, and by the many complimentary comments afterwards.

Elliott Compton top scored with 52, followed by Simon Francis on 50, and Stu Hill, who pipped Lee Malpass and Perry Broad on countback with 47.

All scores on countback.

Elliott Compton 52
Simon Francis 50
Stu Hill (Recoiling) 47
Lee Malpass 47
Perry Broad (Recoiling) 47
Ian Stoddart 46
Paul Sefton 43
Dave Hemmings (Recoiling) 40
Mark Mears (Recoiling) 38
Mason Ryan (Junior) 37
John Holder (Recoiling) 30

We’ll shoot the same course, with one or two minor changes, next Sunday, 29th. All welcome; signing in from 8:30, safety speech at 10:00 for a 10:15 kick-off

Nomads 'Boxing Day' shoot, 2016

We were blessed with a beautiful, crisp Winter's day for this year's 'Boxing Day shoot. We used the same course layout as our recent Compass shoot, but every target had been moved, changed, or both, making the most of what little wind there was.

Not content with putting in a perfect five 100% scoring rounds in this year's Compass, Stuart James romped home with 58, followed by Elliot Compton, Tony Male, Bill Birch and Mick Boswell with 55 apiece. In the well attended recoiling class, Perry Broad took the honours with 51, and top junior was Jesse Rae on 31.

Scores on countback. 

Stuart James 58
Elliot Compton 55
Tony Male 55
Bill Birch 55
Mick Boswell 55
Dave hunter 54
Karl Guest 53
Kev Brooka 53
Matthew Muneur 52
Matt Lee 52
Jason Bressington 52
Graham Cole 52
Nick Aldridge 51
Kev Clarke 50
Nick Parker 50
Dave Freeman 49
Des Finkenzeller 48
Gary Powell 47
Ian Hunter 46
Mik Monaghan 46
Steve Handley 43
Lee Malpass 43
Granville Orange 35
Stuart Holmes 35

Perry Broad 51
Stew Powell 47
Stuart Hill 46
Mark Mears 45
Marc Trumper 42
John Holder 39
Ian Shepard 39
Owen Stimpson 36
Mark Wragg 34
Ed Trott 29 (.22)

Jesse Rae 31

Thanks to Mick Boswell for the catering, to the marshals and course setters, and to all who attended and made this a memorable shoot.

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